Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fire, Fire!

It's Fire Prevention Month so Andrew and I went to an open house at the local Fire Department. We got to see an ambulance, fire trucks and a real fire.

This is the first thing we saw. Andrew said, "whoa!" when he saw it.

Look! A hat AND a tattoo!!

The firemen are getting ready to put a fire out in this building:

Munching on a hotdog, waiting for the fire:


The firemen put it out quickly:

Our friend Ellie was there!

Grandpop Wilson would be so proud!
(he was a volunteer fireman and EMT)

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  1. Andrew we had so much fun seeing you. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Watch out Handy Manny...Andrew is now going to be a firefighter! So cute!!!! :)

  3. Oh those pictures with him and the firetruck are so stinkin' cute!!! He looks so tiny on that big truck! That's really cool that the firehouse does that.