Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Andrew is a runner. He thinks it's very funny to run away from me and then lay on the ground and say, "nigh-nigh". He's right. It IS funny. As long as he's safe. But I'm not willing to take that chance if we're out in public somewhere, so I bought him a tether. It looks like a monkey backpack and I let him play with it while we walked through Target hoping that it would make it less scary when it's strapped to his back. When we got home, he immediately wanted it out of the box. I showed him how it works and he wore it for an hour. The next morning, he brought it to me and wanted to wear it again. He always surprises me. :)

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  1. I see kids wearing those all the time in the mall and wish my two little runners would wear them!! Well Arianna will but Olivia will kick and scream like I am killing her!!

  2. Life as he knows it has ended. ;) But wearing a tether with a monkey on it is COOL...change can be good. ;) Those pictures are too cute Ruthanne!

  3. I'm hoping I don't need one of those, but I'm thinking I will... Dominic's new "fun" is running from the garage, down the driveway and out into our street.

    I love coming to your blog to see what the coming months are going to bring for us - it's like we're living the same life, just a few months behind. Even the clothes are often the same! We've got those pj's in the box that's getting ready to come out this weekend!

  4. I love the monkey tether! I am seeing one in our future as well! Right now, she is good at holding my hand in public, but I'm not sure how long it will last! I also love the CEO pictures. That desk is amazing. :)

  5. We have one too and Ruby loves it. We were playing at the mall one day and she pulled it out of the bottom of her stroller and handed it to me saying, "cuckle" (aka - buckle). And I can relax knowing she won't get lost. Happy all around. :0)
    Kerri, Medina, and Ruby