Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spooooky jars

The Daniels' came over last night for pizza and some Halloween crafts. The kids had such a good time making spoooooky candle holders out of glass jars and tissue paper. I found the idea for the jars here. The jars look fantastic (especially when I light them after the boys have gone to bed).

The finished projects:


  1. They look great, and its so wonderful for the kids to get involved. ;) jen

  2. Thanks for having us! We loved the craft and dinner.

  3. you are one cool mom. so cute! we made these as Christmas gifts for grandmas one year by using votive holders and pretty tissue paper and I still love to use them.


  4. These are so awesome!!! I have to steal your idea here, the kids would LOVE them. What a fun project!