Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another fire house

We're obsessed. What can I tell you? My boys want to be firemen...especially Andrew. The other day he told me that when he grows up, he will be a fireman and I will be a policeman. One of those things is not going to happen. The best part about this open house was that Sara and Abel met us there. It was so fun to see them again. I couldn't stop taking pictures of Abel. He's soooo cute. Daniel and Andrew could barely keep their hands off of him. Daniel especially loves him.

Andrew did the obstacle course. The fireman was pretty impressed with his climbing skills on this ladder.

I was pretty impressed with his aim on this part of the course. Makes me wonder why I've been pee'd on so many times since he gave up the diapers.

Watching Andrew do the obstacle course.

Waiting for the fire demonstration to begin:

See the fire in the back corner of the first building? The sprinklers came on in 15 seconds and put out the fire.

This building had no sprinkler. The fire was incredible in less than 2 minutes. The trucks would not even have been there yet if this had been a real house fire. Scary.

FFA: Future Firefighters of America

We even got to ride in a REAL firetruck! Andrew and Daniel sat in the extra 'jump' seat and Andrew waved out the window the whole time. They loved it.

After the open house, we went to the park with Sara and Abel so we could hang out for a little while longer.


Daniel was trying to give Andrew raspberries on his back.


  1. Fun day and great pics! That fire was CRAZY scary!!

  2. So much fun. So bummed we did not get to do a firehouse this year. We missed La Grange's because of a day of soccer.

  3. Love this post! The pictures are great... I especially love the one of Daniel when he's riding in the fire truck. I also love the one of Daniel tickling Andrew on the slide. Brothers are so fun!! Not surprised at all that the firemen were impressed with Andrew's climbing skills.. he's pretty amazing!