Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Einsteins

Andrew received some wonderful presents on Saturday. He got a Little Einsteins musical toy and three of the Little Einsteins dolls. He loves them! (thanks Jill!) The dolls have been constant companions since Saturday.

June has been pretty quiet, but Leo and Annie seem to get into some funny predicaments.

Last night, they were given the place of honor---on the pillow. Poor Manny has been pushed to the side. It breaks my heart.

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  1. So glad he likes them. Makes me happy to see they have a great new home!

  2. OMG...Brayden would LOVE those dolls! He is sooo into Little Einsteins! I love the pic of them in the Christmas tree. Poor Manny...makes me think of the movie Toy Story when the "old" toys are all jealous of Buzz Lightyear.