Saturday, December 27, 2008

An early birthday party

We celebrated Andrew's early 2nd birthday with Gramma and Grandad today. My Aunt Sherry, Uncle Danny and grandmother were here too to help us sing.

He practiced blowing out a candle to get ready for the real thing.

Can you see him blowing? He was so cute.

A gift from Uncle Dan, Aunt Lisa and his cousins:

A Guatemalan backpack!!

Handy Manny magnets. These are already a favorite.

This train is part of a set. Gramma and Grandad are giving him one train each year until he's old enough to actually play with them.

He stopped for a bite of cake in between each present he opened.

He just started doing this when he gets embarrassed or bashful.

Playing with his Manny magnets.

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  1. OHH Andrew got some nice pre bday gifts!!!!!


  2. What a cutie pie. Can't believe he is almost 2.

  3. Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! Wishing you two a wonderful 2009!

  4. Happy almost birthday, Andrew!! Would love to get together over break if your schedule allows. Our e-mail is

  5. I had to come see what everyone was talking about and it's ADORABLE! I'm nuts over his little outfit though. ;) He looks like such a little man!