Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tree Hugger

Andrew loves, loves, LOVES the lighted trees that we have in our house. He hugs them constantly.
Of course, when I tried to get him to hug them for a Christmas card picture he wouldn't.
But any other day, he's all over them.

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  1. Andrew is so cute hugging that tree. Don't boys listen so well. LOL! I gave you a blog award on my blog.



  2. He is almost as big as the tree. Did someone put Miracle Grow on the little man? My goodness. He is getting so tall. What a cutie he is. I can't wait to hear how excited he is on Christmas morning.

  3. TOO CUTE!!! My little Olivia has purchased herself a light up dog that is suppose to be outside well it sits here in my living room and gets a hug and kisses everyday!!