Monday, March 24, 2008

Visiting friends

Andrew and I were supposed to fly to see Gramma and Grandad. American Airlines had other plans. They cancelled our flight 13 hours ahead of schedule because there was a 'chance of snow'. (but I'm not bitter) So, I loaded Andrew into the car and we drove. Our friend Tara was nice enough to let us stay with her overnight on short notice. We had a GREAT time and made our change of plans totally worth it. (Thank you, Tara!!!) Andrew had a couple of 'firsts' while we were there. He said, "dog" and he gave me a kiss--the first one I haven't had to steal.
Here are some pictures of our wonderful visit with them:

Andrew with Rich. He LOVED Rich.

Rich came out to meet us at the car and Andrew immediately got a big
smile on his face and said, "Hi!"

Logan playing ball with Andrew:

Devon and Andrew together:

Andrew after being 'licked clean' by Milo (Tara's GIANT dog):

Sticking his tongue out like the dog:

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  1. We were soooo happy to have you :) You are welcome here any time! Andrew is such a sugar and Logan can't stop talking about his friend Andrew.

  2. Awww, next time you make a stop in Ohio you need to stay longer and visit Nikki and I too=)

  3. Those are some of the most precious pictures!!!! That's so sweet that he said dog and gave kisses....I think you need a dog Ruthanne. ;)

  4. How sweet:-) Tara and family are some awsome people, aren't they:-) I am glad it all worked out for you in the end...

  5. Goodness he's so cute!! And so are those other two kids :p I love the tongue out picture. P will do that too when our dog is panting or licks him ... so funny! I have to check blogs more often!!! LOL