Wednesday, March 26, 2008

talky talkerson

Andrew has started talking! It's so fun to hear him saying words and repeating things that we say.

So far he can say:

uh-oh (said: uh...........oh)
ha ('hi')
dog (thanks to Tara's GIANT dogs)
no, no
da-dad (Grandad)
ack, ack (quack, quack)
mu ('more'--said while signing 'more')
ba-ba (bottle)
igh-igh (night-night)

He can sign:

'milk' and 'more'

If you had told me a month ago that by Easter he would be standing, cruising and talking, I would have said you were crazy. :)
Here's a short video of him saying "da-dad".

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  1. Love the talking! it amazes me how funny they are!

  2. That is pretty darn good for 14 months old! I am impressed. Must be that language-rich environment you provide:)

  3. Yay Andrew!!! What a big boy you are! Also, Andrew has been tagged...see my latest post on my blog for details.