Friday, March 28, 2008

Andrew's been tagged

Andrew was tagged by Amy.
Here are 10 things about Andrew:

1. Andrew LOVES music--especially Latin music. If he hears music, he will stop what he's doing and turn toward the music. He dances to any Latin music he hears.

2. Andrew is a great traveler. He will ride in the car for about 6 hours before he starts complaining.

3. Andrew is an animal lover. He will approach any pet. He can say "dog" and likes to watch the dog shows on TV.

4. He loves books. He will sit and look at them for quite a while. (not always right-side up) He sits still for 2-3 books a night.

5. Andrew will only eat table food for me but will only eat baby food at daycare. I wish he could talk because I would really love to know what this is all about.

6. He gets very shy in large groups, but in places like restaurants, he flirts with everyone in sight.

7. He sneezes 4 times every morning after waking up.

8. Andrew LOVES the bathtub. He will play in there even after the water gets cold and does not like to get out.

9. If he could be naked all the time, he would be. He gets mad when I put clothes on him. He can take off his socks, his pants and his diaper.

10. Andrew is a morning person. He is cranky for about 5 seconds and then starts giggling, pointing and playing peek-a-boo.

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  1. Andrew,
    We always new you were a sweetie just by looking at your cute pics but we love you even more now that we know all this stuff about you.
    Kerri and Ruby