Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter in Guatemala

Easter is a very significant holiday in Guatemala. It is filled with art and tradition. I would love to take Andrew back there during Holy Week when he is old enough to understand it.
"The first religious procession in Guatemala happened in 1543 and was modeled after the processions that took place in Spain. Antigua, Guatemala is home to the world's largest Holy Week celebration. Processions take place on Fridays and every Sunday in Lent and throughout Holy Week, culminating in a joyous resurrection procession on Easter Sunday. On Palm Sunday, the men wear traditional Maya costume."
The people of Guatemala make the most amazing sawdust carpets. There was one in the lobby of the Marriott when I picked up Andrew and I stared at it every time I walked past. They're really unbelievable. Here is a website that shows pictures of the sawdust carpets.
If you browse around the website, there is good information and wonderful pictures of the Easter traditions in Guatemala.

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  1. Semana Santa in Spain is breathtaking and, having enjoyed it there twice, it warms my heart to think of Ruby experiencing something similar during her Easter in Guatemala. I, too, hope to take Ruby back to celebrate a Semana Santa in Guatemala.
    Kerri and Ruby