Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fatherbirthday, Dad-Dad!

Today is not only Father's Day but it is also my dad's birthday.  The boys and I had a great time planning a special baseball themed celebration for him.  Andrew was giddy when I showed him all the things we were going to have at the party.

We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs (the boys each ate two hotdogs. piggies) and had potato salad, soft pretzels and cracker jacks. 

After dinner, we ate blueberry baseball muffins and vanilla ice cream served in Phillies batting helmets.

The Birthday Boy

Then came the gifts. We love gifts!  We gave Grandad a soda six-pack of fun treats that he likes: cashews, pistachios and, of course, coffee. 

My dad loves puns so I made labels that contained puns using the snack words. 
We are "Nuts" about you
We've "bean" missing you
We love you "cashew" are funny

 We also gave him a coffee mug with this picture on it:

It was a great party. I think we really hit it out of the park. 
(that one was for you, Dad.)


  1. what a fun party. Where do you find time to do everything? What talent :)

  2. seriously, girl, how do you do it??? i have no excuses.....

    what a great party!!! you are awesome!!!

  3. Clearly, you're just mocking me now. Brilliant!

  4. You are so creative!!! I love the party!! Great idea!!!