Saturday, June 18, 2011

Puppy Party!

Today was Daniel's 3rd birthday. We threw a puppy party for him and he loved it!

Gramma and Grandad were here for the week so they got to participate (read: put out all the food and clean it all up) too.  Grandad painted the boys' faces and turned them into adorable little puppies.

One naughty little puppy refused to look at the camera


They even panted like puppies:

Three of his friends came over for the party. We held it in the morning so everyone could go home and nap afterward (because no one likes a grumpy puppy).

First, they each got to choose a basket, pillow and stuffed dog.  

Sam was a little nervous about the face painting but he did strike a few poses for us.

Genevieve and Quentin are cute enough to almost make me consider the whole baby thing again. Almost.

 Then they colored some cute paper dogs using dog bone crayons.

After that, they decorated their placemats with dog stickers.

Lunch was dog bone sandwiches and some toddler 'sides': teddy grahams, chips, jicama, pretzels.  


Instead of cake we had ice cream and dog bone cookies served in plastic dog bowls. Daniel and Andrew both licked their bowls clean. Really.

We had a great time and Daniel now thinks that he's a big dog. :)


  1. Sam was oh-so disappointed the jicama wasn't apple :( but loved the party. He now chases Lola with his little wolf dog! Thanks for having us over.

  2. I can't believe we missed all this fun! Looks like a super fun birthday for Daniel B. :)

  3. amazing....looks like a fun party! happy birthday, daniel :)

  4. First, CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND!:)????
    Second, Can I copy this party:)????
    Third, you are my mommy idol!!!
    Fourth, what camera do you use? I love everything about this party, the pictures, and the adorable kiddos.