Monday, May 30, 2011

Charlie Bear

This is Charlie Bear.

Before I was even born, my grandfather won him at a fair for my grandmother. He had a place of honor on the bed in the spare bedroom at my grandmother's house. When we moved from Philly to MI, my grandmother gave him to me. He was always my favorite stuffed animal and even went to college with me.
I tried to give him to Andrew a couple of years ago but he was afraid of him. Afraid of a 50 year old, one-eyed bear that was as big as he was?  Chicken.


Yesterday, the boys were rummaging through the toy box where I keep things I don't want them to have games with small pieces and stuffed bears that will give them nightmares and cause them to wake me up from my much deserved sleep...when they found Charlie Bear. It was love at first sight for Daniel. He has not let go of him since and if you know anything about my children you know that this means there are now four of us in my bed at night.