Monday, May 9, 2011

How I spent my Mother's Day

We went to church and then stopped at the 'donut store' for a quick treat. Andrew offered to pay for the donuts with money from his piggy bank (because he's super sweet like that). Then we went home and I made a delicious frittata that they refused to eat. After lunch, we made a quick stop at Home Depot and then went to the park because it was finally sunny and warm outside. I really wanted a cute picture of the boys as a memento of this special day together. Instead of standing quietly together, looking directly at me and smiling their best, brotherly smile, I got these antics.

I swear, it wasn't as high up as it looks. I was sitting on the ground trying to get the pretty sky and green leaves behind their sweet, innocent heads. I finally convinced them to quit hanging off of high monkey bars and jumping from every open platform. I had just settled onto a bench to talk to my friend, Sally, when Daniel decided to ignore my sage advice and continue jumping from high places. He landed funny and I ran to help him up. It sounded like he had gotten the wind knocked the wind out of him so I cuddled him on the bench for a minute or two. That was when I looked down and saw his arm was hanging at a funny angle. I've been expecting this moment but never really thought about how I would handle it. I think I did ok. I called for Sally without trying to sound panicky, gingerly carried Daniel to the car, buckled him into his seat with his arm cushioned so it couldn't move and then stood next to the car with my head as low as I could get it, fighting the urge to pass out. Tim took Andrew and his own two kids home and Sally drove Daniel and I to the ER. Sally and I tried not to think about how nasty his arm looked and Daniel slept the whole way. Then he slept again while we waited in the ER waiting room. Turns out, I'm an excellent diagnostician. It was broken. Really broken. He broke both bones down near his wrist. They set it and put a splint cast on it--which still makes me woozy to think about.

He was amazingly brave and barely cried. Once the bones were back in place, he was his chatty little self again. We went to the orthopaed today and she was very happy with the way it was set and casted. He'll need to wear the cast for 6 weeks.
He had about 24 hours of staying calm and quiet and then started doing somersaults on the hard wood floor tonight. I think he'll be fine.

Sleeping in mommy's bed with his favorite comfort item--Andrew.

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  1. hmm, poor baby! i always wonder the same thing when carson is playing on the plat ground. the joy of motherhood :)

    ps any summer plans to phila or nj?