Saturday, May 21, 2011

Danny's Dream Team

We walked the Autism Walk today with some of our friends. We walked for Danny because we love his family and we want to help find a cure for Danny's autism. He even has a sister from Guatemala. :)

Everyone in yellow was from our group.


At the end of the walk was a PARTY...complete with tattoos:


and a petting zoo:

doing his chicken imitation:

Sara and Abel came down to meet us and we hung out at Soldier Field enjoying the party atmosphere after the walk.

When I am around this child, I can NOT stop taking his picture.

They had a band and the boys tried very hard not to dance but the rhythm got them.



  1. Loooove the picture bonanza!!! Funny how it jumped out at nephew with Aspergers is named Danny as well. Wonder why my sister did not tell me about this event?

  2. Love the pics! Thanks for letting us crash your party. I almost tucked one of those piglets in my purse. Toooo cute!