Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Out with Thomas

Today, we went to Day Out with Thomas. We went with Scott, Barb and Noah. The boys were so excited to ride Thomas and see all the trains. It was super hot but it didn't rain like predicted (Noah had a special talk with God this morning and asked Him to hold off the rain).

Daniel's first tattoo:

A very useful engine:


Riding on Thomas!

Three cuties on a wall:


We rode a Chicago trolley from 1924. Very cool.

It was SO hot. The boys hung out eating fruit snacks and waiting for Thomas to roll back in for pictures.

Meeting Sir Topham Hatt

These pictures crack me up. Andrew wants to hug every character he sees. Daniel wants nothing to do with them.

I love how Sir Topham Hatt's expression never changes.

If I had a yard, I would have a fountain like this. Love it.

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  1. So so fun! I am holding out for my grandchildren to go! lol