Sunday, August 1, 2010

Culture camp

We spent the weekend at Ethiopian Culture Camp in WI. We got to meet several friends who we have only known 'on line'. The boys had a wonderful time and it was wonderful spending three days with families like ours.

My baby doesn't look much like a baby anymore, does he?

Eli flew all the way from TX just to see us!

pretending to sleep:

Fun on the train:

Coffee ceremony:



Andrew found this cone down at the beach. He held it up to his mouth and walked around yelling, "Good job, everybody!"

Daniel was feeling brave:

oops...that's not where your eyes go...

much better...

Daniel and Eli (they lived together in Ethiopia for a while)

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  1. Gotta change one caption -- It's Daniel and Eli, not Daniel and Andrew. You're on auto pilot, Mama!