Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We had our 6 month post-placement visit today. 6 months! Can you believe that? Our social worker asked me how many words Daniel was saying and I wasn't sure. I guessed 20 but I don't actually know. It made me think that I should make a list and what better place to do it than in his baby book. Yeah...not so much. I'm putting them here so I can transfer them to his baby book someday before he has his own babies (and not a day sooner).

no! (also: no, no, no)

dop: stop
mow: more
mi: milk

water (can't even write how he says it but I know it when I hear it)

do: done
Ando: Andrew

bu: buckle (he likes to snap his own car seat buckle)

bu: bubbles--you have to be there to know which one he's saying. lol
heyyooooo: hello

G and Z (sung loudly while Andrew is singing the alphabet song)

gu: go


og: dog

wha: what

wu: want (he frequently strings this together with more and milk. lol. wu mow mi)
yeah: yep, he says yeah. And nods his head up and down vigorously...especially when asked if he wants to eat and/or watch Fresh Beat Band)
abba: Yo Gabba, Gabba

ah: cereal bar

ee: eat
amma: amen

and last, but definitely not least...


he also has a hilarious little song that he sings (with a funny little lisp-sound going on) that is supposed to be the William Tell Overture. It's what I sing/hum when I give him a 'horsey-ride' on my leg...which should be the size of a toothpick after bouncing his 36 lb. booty on it day after day. He climbs onto my leg and sings his little song to get me moving.

Isn't he ridiculously cute?


  1. Yep. Absolutely ridiculously cute. :)

  2. Love him...and I love how you give in day after day for the horsey rides! The look on his face is priceless. :)