Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping in the Leaves

Andrew had his first experience of jumping in the leaves today. Since we live in a condo, the landscapers usually take our leaves before we can get to them. Today, we went over to EllieHarperTate's (that's what Andrew calls them) to jump in their leaves. He loooooved it. He laughed and giggled the whole time.

Harper, teaching Andrew how to jump into the leaves:

Harper and Ellie were so good with him. They spent a lot of time swinging him into the leaves and teaching him how to rake. He had such a good time because of them.

This one looks like it was dangerous but it wasn't. They were actually very careful with him and didn't let go of him unless he was over the biggest part of the pile:

Bury Tate!

Andrew got some leaves down his pants:

Being buried wasn't nearly as fun as burying someone else:

He loved raking almost as much as he loved jumping:

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  1. Just another reason I love the fall!

  2. Raking and jumping in piles of leaves is a favorite activity of my son's too.