Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fabulous Fall weekend

This weekend, we went to see our friends, Amie, Tim and Lucas in Michigan. We had SUCH a good time. (I cannot believe I did not get any pictures of Amie).

First, we went to Crane's apple orchard and had lunch at a very cute restaurant.

Andrew wasn't liking the old fashioned high chair so much:

Sweet Lucas:

LOVE this picture of Lucas:

The pumpkin house:

How cute are these two?

Picking apples!

It was pretty rainy and cold outside so we left shortly after the boys picked a few apples. Andrew ate most of this apple on the way home and fell asleep with it still in his hands and some unchewed apple in his mouth.

This morning, we had a wonderful breakfast of apple cider donuts and fresh fruit. Amie and Tim are wonderful hosts. If they ever invite you to their house....GO!

Tim was 'bowling' Lucas down the hall. It was hysterical.

Andrew could not get enough of this fun helmet/handlebar combo.

A little tug-of-war with Sammy:

Playing with Lucas' tool set:

Playing with REAL tools!

Reading some books together:

The boys painted the pumpkins that they picked out yesterday. They had a wonderful time.

Lucas' handprint:

The sun came out today so Tim blew some of the leaves around to dry them a little bit and get them into piles. We thought the boys would have a great time jumping in them but after two jumps, they were done.

Andrew saw this great playset and yelled, "A park!"

After lunch, the boys decorated the cookies that Amie made:

The finished product. Gorgeous.

On the way home, we stopped at the outlets. I shopped at a few stores and Andrew did this:

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!!

  2. oh my gosh! What a great fall weekend! Glad you all had such a fun time

  3. My new wish list - (i) to live in a super-cute pumpkin house and (ii) to eat each and every one of those yummy cookies (without gaining an ounce). What a great weekend!