Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Tonight, we went trick-or-treating with the Daniels kids and then went back to their house for a party. We had such a fun night. Andrew went full speed until his little head hit the pillow.


Let's go get some candy!

Harper was so kind to him...helping him up and down the stairs and making sure he got candy:

I think this picture says it all:

When we went back to the Daniels' house, they had a jumpy with a slide in it! Andrew was in there most of the night.

Tate helped Andrew climb the ladder and then showed him all the best ways to get down the slide:

Andrew was a very quick study:

Eating a delicious mummy hotdog:

and trying some cotton candy. He took one bite and told me, "I don't like it". bummer. I had to eat the whole thing myself.

This is how he looked about 10 seconds after his head hit the pillow.

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  1. what a cute Diego! looks like a great night filled with lots of fun :)

  2. Oh what a shame that Andrew didn't like the cotton candy. Way to take one for the team, Ruthanne :)
    Andrew was a great Diego! so cute. And those Daniels are something else. What a great family! Sounds like you and Andrew had a fantastic Halloween.

  3. Sara told me all about the festivities at lunch today and the pictures are just as cute as can be. Are you in LaGrange? We're in Westchester!

  4. He was so cute. I love his grins!!! Can NOT wait for moments like that!