Sunday, September 6, 2009

I feed the fish!

Last night, we went over to visit an 'old' friend. We haven't seen Will and his mom, Pat, in a while and they invited us to come over and feed the fish in their pond. Andrew had a great time. There were even presents (Pat still had Christmas/birthday presents she had bought and wrapped for Andrew but we had never gotten together.)

They gave him a Thomas book that makes all kinds of great sounds. I had to pry it out of his hands at bedtime and the first thing he said this morning was, "Mama. Thomas book." I think he likes it!

You KNOW he is happy about this gift....two of his favorite things: Manny and lunch!

This one is 'The Christmas Elf'. I am sooo excited about that gift. I had planned to buy it but hadn't done it yet.

Will helped Andrew get some fish food:

Good arm!

"Mama! I feed the fish!"

Tossing some more food to the fish:

Isn't their pond pretty?

Will and Andrew now:

Will and Andrew, January 2008:

He even got to play on the trampoline:

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