Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Andrew has become very afraid of monsters lately. He will only sleep in his bed for about an hour at a time before he wakes up crying and telling me he is scared of monsters. Apparently, this is developmentally appropriate but it isn't helping our night-time routine at all.

Here he is checking the house for monsters. I've now started telling him that there are no monsters in Mommy's house; hoping that he'll stop thinking they are around every corner. Notice the flashlight and camera in his hands. He now sleeps with the flashlight every night (even though he's sleeping in my bed).

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  1. Hey Ruthanne,

    So sorry this is happening. But I must say that I'm happy to hear my 2.5 year old isn't the only one going through this phase!

    P.S. I have lurked your blog since you were in the adoption process with Andrew. Don't comment much, but today struck a chord so I thought I would chime in:)

  2. Love the part where he says, "Cheese!". Hilarious!

  3. I would have to agree with one + one...I loved it when Andrew stopped and said "Cheese!" while looking for monsters. So cute!!!

  4. Yes - the cheese break is adorable!! Curtis started the phase about 3 months ago and it has evolved (or devolved perhaps) to him just asking us to confirm that "nothing coming to get me" before he goes to bed. Sheri