Thursday, June 11, 2009

A new school

My classroom is moving to a new school next year. Since I work for a special ed co-op, we go where there is space and the kids come to us. The school where my room has been housed for the past 7 years can no longer accommodate us, so we are moving. Yesterday, they loaded all my things into a truck and deposited them into the lobby of my new school. My new room is not ready yet but I'll move into it as soon as I get word that it is cleaned and waxed.

My 'stuff'.
(and please don't tell me, 'that's a LOT of stuff!'. I head it about 30 times yesterday.)

Keeping busy on the trampoline while we waited for our turn to move.

Crawling 'commando style' under the office chairs.
(I'm still figuring out the new camera....this is not one of my better shots, obviously)

Playing in the lockers at Kellie's new school

I'll post pics of my new classroom when I'm in and unpacked. Right now, it's a mess.

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  1. At first I thought "That looks so similar to the old classroom" and then I realized it WAS the old classroom!
    Hope everything made it over there in one piece.