Sunday, June 14, 2009

I cry

I think I've talked about Andrew's sleep issues....he goes to bed fine and sleeps very well except for about an hour after he goes to bed (usually 9:30 on the dot) when he wakes up crying. Most of the time, he goes back to sleep after about 5 minutes of crying. A friend of mine had given me some lavender oil to try on his dry skin. It helped a lot with the dry skin but I also noticed that he was sleeping through the night and not waking up at 9:30 anymore. I've done some experimenting and I have found that the lavender oil (mixed with olive oil) applied to his back at night keeps him from waking up.
The other night, he fought having lotion put on his back so I let him go to bed without it. He woke up SCREAMING. I went to get him and asked him if he had a nightmare. He said, "yes. I scared." and then made his scary hands and face. He slept in my bed that night.
The next night, he fought the lotion again. I told him that lotion would stop the nightmares and he immediately rolled over and let me put it on his back. Tonight, I got him to tell me (on camera) what happens when he has a nightmare.

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  1. I will have to try that. Recently Jaden has been waking up about 30 minutes after he falls asleep. Dinosaurs are getting him! Poor fella!