Monday, June 22, 2009

Ear check-up

Andrew went to the (very cute) ENT today to have the tubes in his ears checked. The dr. said that his eardrums look great and the tube on the right side has fallen out. It is laying in the ear canal and the dr. will take it out next time if it hasn't fallen out on his own. Andrew is so good at the ENT. He lets the dr. pull wax out of his ears and dig around in there as much as he wants. I didn't even have to hold him this time. He just sat still and let the nurse and dr. do their work.

Waiting for the dr. to come in:

Reassuring Manny that it wouldn't hurt:

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  1. Andrew is getting even cuter (if that was possible!!)! Adorable pictures...but where's the cutie (the one that's not Andrew)???? :)