Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One year ago today...

I was on a plane headed to Guatemala to pick up Andrew. I can't believe it's already been a year and yet it feels as if he has been my son forever.

I flew down late on the 24th. The flight was only about 1/3 full and I was one of the only people on my flight who was not Guatemalan. I was excited, nervous, exhausted, anxious, giddy and scared-to-death. I would have laughed at just about anything. Add to that, the in-flight movie was "Talladega Nights" which makes me giggle anyway. (How can you not laugh at Will Ferrell running around the track in his underwear?) I'm pretty sure the other passengers wondered who the crazy, white chick was that kept laughing out loud at a movie that no one else was watching. It was a great release and I arrived in Guatemala a little more relaxed than I was when I boarded the plane.

Did I mention it was a full moon that night?

I barely slept that night and couldn't wait to wake up and hold my baby.
I went alone to pick him up and I'm so happy that I did. That memory is all mine and I would not trade those first three days together for anything in the world. I don't know if I can explain it to you unless you've had the same experience. It was surreal because I had dreamed of that day for so long and yet it seemed so completely natural that it was hard to believe that we hadn't always been together.

It is truly amazing to me how much Andrew has changed in the past year and how much he is exactly that same little boy that was put into my arms that day. His funny little sense of humor and cute facial expressions are still the same. His giggle is the same, yet better. I love this little boy more than I could ever have imagined.

Even after my hardest day at work, seeing his sweet, giggly face makes everything better.

This is what Andrew was doing while I was on my way to pick him up---hanging out with his beautiful foster sisters.

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  1. Congrats on a wonderful anniversary! He's a doll then and now. :0)
    Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

  2. I'm delurking after following your blog for the last year or so. I was taken by it because our sons share the same birthday and the same beautiful homeland of Guatemala.

    You captured the essense of my sentiments exactly on my pick up trip as well which in my case was August 19th, 2008. Congratulations on a year with your beautiful boy! I know how wonderful that feels!

  3. Ruthanne that post was awesome! I cannot believe it has been a year. He is such a sweet boy and you are a wonderful mom. Congrats on your special day! I am sure there will be many more special days!


  4. I am tearing up! What a wonderful memory! I am so glad that Andrew found his way into your arms, his mama's arms. It's been an amazing journey and you've only just begun. Enjoy the day and this special anniversary.

  5. Wow! A year already. Where does that time go? I can still remember you coming to g.fest and Andrew seemed so tiny. And then you were wanting him to walk, and now he runs, and the first time he said Momma. Awww, I am all misty eyed for you! Enjoy the day and can't wait to share the next year with you.

  6. I can't believe how much time has gone by! Andrew is such a big boy now! I remember reading your blog a year ago and being so jealous, but more importantly, so HAPPY! Happy anniversary to you guys. We are so glad you are home!!!! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! It is amazing how fast the time goes with these crazy little boys! Happy Family Day!