Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Day Celebration

To celebrate our Family Day today, we went to a Guatemalan restaurant in the city that our friend
Megan recommended. It was FANTASTIC. They had a great menu and we both ate a LOT. We had a great time.

We started with some Guatemalan coffee and plantains. They were both DELICIOUS!

oops...still too hot.

Fork-licking good!

Watch out, plantains!

He's excited because he made his fork stand up in the table holes.

The combination platter. YUM!
You can see where Andrew had already helped himself to the beans and rice on my plate.

We sat outside and Andrew had a great time watching the pigeons. While we were waiting for the check, he was feeding them chips---until one of the waitresses saw what he was doing and said, "no, no". oops.

This is how Andrew looked about 10 minutes after we left the restaurant.

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  1. Happy Family Day! You two make a beautiful family. I loved reading all about the last leg of your journey to Andrew :)

  2. Happy Family Day! How AWESOME is that that you have a Guatemalan restraunt close to you?!? The food looks so good and Andrew looks like a total doll. You can tell he really enjoys his food!

  3. Happy forever family day!!!!!!!! We have a Guate cleveland that i love!!! YUMMMM!

    Your son is just soo handsome...IM thinking might be playing for OSU one day! LOL


  4. I loved following your journey to Andrew! Can you believe the time goes so fast. He is such a handsome little man, and so happy!
    Happy Family Day! Congratulations.

  5. Oh, he is just precious!!!!!!! I wish we had a Guatemalan restaurant here... I have never had plantains!

    I am so glad he is HOME where he belongs with his MAMA!!!

  6. Where did the time go? Happy forever family day ;)

  7. Happy Family Day! Looks like you had the perfect celebration! :0)
    Kerri, Medina, and Ruby