Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Mom

It's official. We are a soccer family, which I guess makes me a soccer mom.  I'll be honest; I don't hate it. The boys had their first practices and games this week and to say they loved it would be an understatement. They are counting down the days, hours, minutes until their next practice. The best part was seeing that they all have some skills. They don't completely understand the game but they'll get there. For now, they are having a great time, getting some good exercise and learning to play on a team.  

Daniel completely surprised me. He was upset that he *only* played for 1/2 the game. He ran his little heart out and loved every part of it. He is probably the most excited to get back out on the field. He talks about soccer constantly now.

Wilson loved it too. After the first few minutes, I had to pull him to the side and explain that this was not 'care center soccer'. He was running up and down the field knocking kids down in order to the get the ball. Once he understood that he could not push the other kids, he settled in and played well. 

And then he found his dream job.....goal keeper.
He got to wear a cool shirt.
He didn't have to run.
And he got to grab the ball when no one else was allowed to. 

Within minutes, he had two saves!

Andrew's game was at the same time as Daniel and Wilson's so Jill offered to take him. She even took pictures of him. 

I was so excited when we found out that his soccer jersey was Guatemala blue and white. (everyone calls that color Guatemala blue, right?)

He had a great time and Jill's boys were impressed with how well he played. 

I'm kind of excited for next Saturday. 

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