Monday, August 4, 2014

Readoption and Name Change

Today, we stood in front of a Cook County judge to officially change Wilson's name and 'readopt' him in Illinois. This will provide him with an Illinois birth certificate so that he will easily be able to get a copy when he needs one. We were so fortunate that our friend, Jill, who was there at the very beginning of this adoption, is learning readoption law. We were her very first clients. :)  She also loves to take pictures so it was a package deal for us. 

This was taken in the family waiting room. Cook County does not allow cameras inside the court room so there are no pictures with the judge. 
(don't mind Daniel. He was having a moment)

The boys loved looking down on the view from inside the courthouse.

Better lighting and backdrop outside of the Daley Center building.

During our walk back to the parking ramp, we stopped at Corner Bakery for a celebratory snack: monster cookies.

After all three boys napped in the car, we went out for rice and beans. 

The paperwork will not be final until early October but our part is over. So glad to have one more step completed.

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  1. Always love reading about your beautiful family. What a special day!