Thursday, June 13, 2013

New friends, old friends and FOOD

We had a crazy busy day today. Right after lunch, we met some new friends at a park. I was a loser mom and took no pictures while we were there. Mostly, because I was having fun talking to Heather and really, how many pictures can you take of your kids at the park?

After that, we drove into the city to have dinner with friends at the Ethiopian Diamond. We had a couple of hours before we were all meeting up so we headed downtown to Buckingham Fountain.

Daniel tried to make a new friend.

The boys had ice cream at the place that used to have really cool flavors like chocolate chip merlot. Now they have character ice cream bars that I'm pretty sure have been in the freezer since last summer.

We still had some time before dinner so we stopped at the beach. The boys were convinced they were at the ocean and wanted to look for starfish. 

Andrew wrote his name in the sand:

Daniel couldn't stop running up and down the beach, dancing, and chasing the sea gulls.

And then, right after this, the waves won and he fell in. It's not really an outing unless Daniel comes home soaking wet or dirty. He teaches me a lot about letting go and not being so worried about things like cleanliness and rules.

During dinner, I was super busy talking to my friends and stuffing my face with injera. I didn't take many pictures--a few with my phone. Mostly, we just had a really good time. 

The owner is so nice. She sat and chatted with the boys. I begged her (again) to open a restaurant in the suburbs.

These two used to live together at the care center in Ethiopia for a short time. They don't remember each other from then but we still love to keep them connected.

I think the care center nannies would love knowing that these guys are still in touch.

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