Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pet Parade

Today was the pet parade. This is the second time we have gone and the boys remembered it from last year which made it more fun.

They are ready!

They knew there would be candy thrown to them during the parade so they practiced their candy-grabbing moves ahead of time.

Army trucks and dogs. It doesn't get any better than that if you're a 4-6 year old boy.

Pets come in all sizes and colors.

Leg lamp lawn mower.

Today, candy. 
Tomorrow, a football.

What's not to love about a flying carpet?

The zoo tram. I'd be lying if I said my kids weren't super excited to see this.

Andrew wanted to know if this float meant the parade was over. Ronald McDonald...Santa.....they're all the same to him.


No parade in Illinois is complete without the Jesse White Tumblers.

This child gets more beautiful by the day.

Chair?  check.
Bags of candy?  check, check.

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