Sunday, February 19, 2012

Priceless videos

I came across some videos of Daniel today that were taken by some amazing friends while he was still at the Care Center in Ethiopia. I never posted them at the time because I wasn't allowed to show them before he came home. And once he was home, well...I got a little busy.

Looking at a picture of Andrew and me for the first time:

Daniel's favorite mode of transportation at the care center:  a plastic chair.

Opening the package that we sent (a photo album, bear pajamas and one of Andrew's cars):
Yes, that's him. He had his head shaved that day and decided to accessorize with a stunning purple shirt.

Some first steps on his own:

And, of course, one of him doing what he does best--eating:

Jen, Kendell and Sarah--you are such fantastic women and we will be forever grateful for these amazing videos and glimpses into Daniel's life in Ethiopia.

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