Monday, February 27, 2012

A Loser and a Winner

The Loser is me. The Winner is one of you.

I completely forgot to choose a winner last week for the mixedbags giveaway!! Seriously, who does that? 
I am one form away from being done with my homestudy paperwork (not the dossier--just the homestudy update--about 25 pages) and we have spent the past two weeks running from one appointment to the next. 
So, I apologize. 

My mom wants to know why one of you didn't remind me. We are blame shifters in our family. (not really--my mom just doesn't want to tarnish her image of me as the perfect child.)

I carefully typed all your names quickly wrote your names on a scrap of envelope that was lying on the dining room table and put them into this gorgeous mug that Daniel made for me at school.

 See? There they are...all 6 of them. sheesh. Good thing my self-esteem is not based on the number of people who read my blog.

And then this loser pulled the lucky winner.....

Tara--send me all your info and I'll send your bag out to you.  hahahahaha....I could write your address with one hand tied behind my back.  Your bag is on it's way (if you don't get it in 6 weeks, remind me, ok?)

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