Sunday, November 27, 2011


We decorated the house for Christmas yesterday and today. The boys could barely stand still while they waited for boxes to be opened and Christmas decorations to be brought out.

The before shot:

Every year, the boys get a nutcracker in their stocking. They were so excited to see each one as I unwrapped them.

Daniel loved pointing to each one and telling us who they each belonged to. 

Today, we put on some Christmas music and decorated the tree. They both loved deciding where the ornaments would go and then changing their minds about five times for each one. 



  1. I love your nutcracker display! Why didn't I think to group them together? Stealing your idea! Have a great holiday with your precious boys!

  2. What precious pictures- and I love that Andrew is in his jammies! :)

    Miss you!

  3. Ruthanne,
    where did you get the little guatemalan ornament? It is killing me that we didn't pick up for stuff for Oliver when we were there.... it is so hard to find stuff for him now.
    and I love your tree!