Sunday, December 4, 2011


We had cookies with Santa today. Well, Daniel had a cookie with Santa. Andrew was too excited to eat. It was especially fun because our friends Jen and Tari showed up. 

We had to wait a few minutes for Santa to get there. Daniel passed the time by eating.

When's Santa going to show up?

Tari and Andrew took pictures of each other.

And then the moment of truth:  would Daniel sit on Santa's lap this year? 
Ummm...yeah! He didn't even hesitate. (Santa asked if Daniel had ever missed a meal. ha!)

Santa brought the EXACT toy they had asked for at Target yesterday. He's amazing.

It's like a Smurf 'Say Anything'. 


  1. Smurf "Say Anything" -- BUAH HA HA HAH HAHA! I get it. You're funny Ruthanne. (Are we old?)

  2. Love the close ups of Daniel's face. I showed the 2nd to a coworker and asked her who it was. She said A! They look so alike! A is from Mekele, so they probably aren't related, but they could pass as brothers!