Thursday, August 25, 2011


Daniel will be attending preschool this year to get some help with his speech (and possibly his nasty little habit of falling down a lot).  Today was the meet and greet with his teacher and classroom assistants.  He was nervous about going until he saw the classroom. The teacher has a flashlight! And it's just sitting out for anyone to use! I bet she doesn't even nag him about leaving it on and wearing down the batteries like someone at home does.  He loved playing in the classroom and is sort of excited about riding the big-boy bus tomorrow. He would be a whole lot happier if 'my drew' could go with him, though.

Flowers for his teacher:


  1. Cannot wait to hear all about the bus ride! Tell him I know a great little girl who loved ECE -- after she got used to it! :)

  2. Can't wait to hear how his first day goes! I hope he loves it!

  3. How exciting!!! Sam's been talking about the boys all week and how happy he is his friends are back at Gale's!
    ECE? We have our evals today and monday for LADSE and are crossing fingers for the phono program. If we don't get in Westchester will offer 5 day/week speech. I am hiring a PI to follow the bus and photograph the bus driver and teachers. I had a friend suggest getting a copy of the bus driver's drivers license. Am I going overboard?? ;)

  4. how fun! looks like he is jumping in nicely!

    oh, and love your photos of pirate's cove we went there years ago - love it!! wish there was one in Dallas!

  5. He is so cute I can't even stand it. And YOU are such a good photographer! Tell him he can't forget me when all the girls start swooning. You know, because he loves me so much now. Yay for preschool!

  6. I love the first pic, his little expression says so much, very sweet!! You clever girl, great idea for a teachers gift. I may have to copy you :)
    Have a great week!!