Saturday, August 6, 2011

1st Game!

The boys played their first official team game today. I've been trying to prepare them for the difference between practice and a game. Every time I mentioned soccer this week, Daniel would yell, "I KICK!"

I was amazed at how well they did. Daniel is still a little young to be a contributing part of the team but he rocks at practices! It took a little while for Andrew to figure out what he was expected to do but once he understood it, he was all in!

Put me in coach!

Tough guys.

When Daniel found out that not everyone gets a soccer ball like they do at practice, he was MAD.

All that time spent running up and down our hallway is starting pay off.

Good stop!

Run to second! Run to second! oh. sorry. wrong sport.

This was so funny. Andrew kept putting his hands together like he has seen Batman (circa 1960's) do before he fights. He came over to the sidelines and told me in a very proud voice that he was putting his arms and moving the other kids out of the way.

Bringing it back in.

Andrew had to do this several times.  It was amazing how he knew exactly when Daniel fell. He would immediately stop what he was doing in the game, help him up and give him a hug. He could stink at every sport he tries but if he is kind to his brother I will be the proudest parent on the sidelines.

Brotherly team work:

These crack me up--synchronized soccer.

 Good game!

We celebrated the first game with a slurpee and a trip to the park.

Is it wrong that I take my kids to specific parks in the afternoon because I know the light will be good there?

He is one tired little boy.


  1. Love the pics! The ones of Andrew with his arms out make me smile! So cute!

  2. OMG, is it just me or are our kids getting to be little people? The boys look like little men in a few of these - so serious and mature. They're both so beautiful, I love being able to see them in action :-)