Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A very patient patient

I knew we couldn't escape it forever. Andrew was hospitalized this week. He started with a cold last week that turned into ear infections and dehydration. His breathing was shallow and the doctor was worried about pneumonia so she admitted him to keep an eye on his lungs. Once he had some fluids in him, along with several breathing treatments, he perked right back up. He loved all the attention, ordering any food he wanted and one-on-one time with mom. Daniel spent the night with the Daniels family and did great. I was so worried about him not understanding where we were. When we picked him up from daycare today, he kept hugging me and yelling, 'Yay!'.

Poor little boy. He felt so tired when we first got there.

The volunteers brought Andrew a matchbox car and this cute, purple, puppy pillow.
Gramma and Grandad sent a stuffed puppy for Andrew (and one for Daniel). Andrew was in puppy heaven.

This is his new nebulizer mask: nebulasaurus.

Daniel was safe and happy hanging out with the Daniels' kids and wearing Ellie's jammies to bed.

Andrew did not want to leave the hospital. He loved it there.

I'm so thankful that we're home and back together.

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