Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Field trip!

Andrew went on his first field trip today and I got to go with him. It was a great chance for us to spend some time together--he has missed that since Daniel has been home. After dropping Daniel off at daycare, we ate a quick breakfast (and a very large coffee) at Panera. Then we went to meet the bus that would take us to Legoland. I think Andrew would have been perfectly happy just riding the big, yellow school bus all day--he has wanted to ride one for over a year.

We were greeted by this guy:

this guy: (Captain Kangaroo, right?)

and this guy. Andrew jumped right up onto the bench and said, "This is my daddy. I love him."

We saw two 4-d movies. The first one was about lego guys who are looking for a package and the second one was about Bob the Builder designing a roller coaster. They were only 9 minutes long--my kind of movie.

Then we went on a dragon train ride:

and saw this guy:

After the ride, Andrew posed with a few friends:

Next, we walked through the jungle room.

There was a large room filled with the Chicago skyline made completely out of legos. I was amazed and took about 50 pictures but Andrew was only interested in playing with the crane and pushing the button that made the little lego guy rip a whole in the street with a jackhammer.

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