Monday, January 17, 2011


Andrew got a gift card from my sister and her family for his birthday and he used it today to make a great purchase: Build-A-Road. It's very fun and all three of us had a great time playing with it today.


  1. Is "Build A Road" something that Andrew was able to work out mostly on his own, or with a lot of Mom's help? I'm always on the lookout for new activities (read: not TV) that they can be somewhat self-sufficient with, work together doing, and not be eternally frustrated with. Recommended?

  2. Wow!! I love the build a road!! Incredible...looks so fun. Hey I wanted to say that I read your mom tip on Missy's blog, and I am totally using it. We have trouble with our 2 oldest boys going to bed (calling for water, wanting to be covered back up, etc.) I might have to use more than pennies, but whatever works!! Thank you for sharing that!!