Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thomas party

Andrew's 'real' birthday party was today. He has been asking for a Thomas birthday party for the past few months. He told me he doesn't like to watch Thomas on TV...he only likes the real Thomas.

This was Daniel's favorite part of the whole day...a juice box.

Time to decorate the train cupcakes!

Noah cracked me up. He was contemplating which kind of candy to put on his cupcake.

A masterpiece.

After cupcakes, we played Thomas Bingo and everyone won a Thomas book.

Noah and his mom hung out with us for a while after the party and the boys went crazy with the stickers.

Mommy's pooped. No more parties til June.


  1. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Looks like a great celebration compliments of your very creative Mama.

  2. What fun!!! You are so creative...I need some of your creative juices :)

  3. OH...and I almost forgot, Happy Birthday, Andrew!

  4. Glad Andrew had fun at his party! Cute pictures:)

  5. Awwww! You are such a good mom. Great pictures of darling boys.