Sunday, April 11, 2010


We went to Chinatown today for Ellie's birthday. The food was delicious but I will admit that eating with a 1 year old is not relaxing. He is all hands and nothing was safe. Having a gigantic lazy susan in the middle of the table did not make anything easier.

He looks so innocent until you put him in a high-chair:

Ellie says that she is "Chinese in her heart".

Andrew was very good at dinner:

We stopped at a little bakery there to get some cakes to take home. They were so cheap and so amazing. We could not stop eating them or talking about them. There was a green tea mousse cake that I have to have again. Jill has decided that the next time we go downtown, we are eating at the Ethiopian restaurant and then stopping at Chinatown for dessert.

We are going to need one of these:

and some of these:

After dinner, we walked around the little mall area while Ellie shopped in the Hello Kitty store. She got some great things to decorate her room. The boys ran around outside and posed for me on the bench (yeah, right).

I love the look on Daniel's he's saying, "my brother is nuts".

and so am I:

Grandpa Joe bought some poppers and the kids had a great time throwing them at the people walking by. (oops)

Harper showed Andrew how to step on them so he wouldn't hurt anyone:

I think he got the hang of it pretty quickly:

You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around...

Fist bump:

Thanks for showing me how to scare strangers, Grandpa Joe!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Ruthanne~you dress the boys SO CUTE!!! They always have on the most adorable outfits and look so dapper!!! LOVED the Easter hats!!!