Friday, April 2, 2010

Kids' Castle

Since before Andrew came home, I have had a list of things I wanted to do with him and take him to see. One of the only things left on that list (for Andrew) was to play at Kids' Castle near my parents. It is located in a public park and is a 5 story-high castle with a giant tube slide. You have to climb all through it to get to the top where the slide is. It is surrounded by playgrounds and sand pits. We met some friends there who also have kids adopted from Guatemala. The place was crazy crowded but we still had a good time. Andrew and I climbed to the top twice and went down the slide. It took my back three days to recover but it was well worth it.

See?!? Isn't it COOL???

The two Andrews from Guatemala:

Yep. They're playing together. Like brothers.

Andrew loves sand. Mommy doesn't.

Of course, he had to put some sand in his hair:

It's like swinging in a lazy-boy:


  1. Love these pictures! We miss these guys!

  2. that is a very cool castle, wish there was one where we live.
    Daniel's face is priceless in all these photos!