Thursday, June 5, 2014


Today is my birthday and while I have no clue how I can possibly be this number, I am very happy to be here and to have the life that I have now. By far, my 40's have been my absolute best decade---I would not ever want to go back to a different age. (Not saying I wouldn't want to *look* like a different age...)
So in the interest of seeing the glass half full and not dwelling on the negatives of a number that makes absolutely no sense compared to the way I feel inside, I am writing a list of 49 things I am incredibly grateful for. 

49. 49 far 
48. a job that I love (not this week especially, but most of the year)
47. health insurance
46. the internet (there is no way I would have made it through three adoptions without the support of other adoptive families)
45. summer (the polar vortex is no joke)
44. coffee
43. white bathroom tile and bleach (enough said)
42. most of my female relatives have lived well into their 90's. I'm basically just getting started with my life. 
41. sleep. (I've heard it's fantastic.)
40. ARV's
39. playgrounds and parks
38. a car that gets us where we need to go
37. music
36. neighbors who aren't afraid to watch all three boys at the same time
35. people who serve in developing countries. wow.
34. singing in the car with the boys
33. the boys' school. It's a great one.
32. metal artwork from Haiti
31. TV (don't judge)
30. U of C PID clinic
29. quiet time
28. adoption
27. technology. I can't help it. I love it.
26. sports.
25. amazing teachers who have helped all three boys to blossom this year
24. books
23. creativity
22. our pool
21. laughter
20. women I am fortunate enough to know who work to keep families together
19. birthday parties for my kids. love planning them. love creating them.
18. my coworkers. Tireless. Giving. Smart. I'm so lucky to get to spend my days with them.
17. Guatemalan food
16. holding hands with my kids
15. Lake Michigan
14. dark chocolate
13. children's artwork
12. a safe place to live
11. Daniel's hair
10. friends....too many to try to name but there are some amazing people on that list
9. Ethiopian food
8. our church
7. Guatemala
6. Ethiopia
5. Haiti
4. Enough. We have enough of everything we really need.
3. family. I have a great one.
2. my parents. Courageous, strong, God-loving people who spend a great deal of their time helping others
1. Andrew, Daniel, Wilson

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