Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boys' room

Last summer, I started redoing the boys' room. It needed a new coat of paint and a new bed (yay!). Andrew was sad to lose the aqua-blue walls but I knew I would be putting that color back into the room in different ways. I decided to use a map theme so I could highlight some of the things that make our family so unique and teach the boys about their birth countries. I have had ideas pinned on my pinterest boards for a long time and have been collecting things to make/assemble for over a year. Finally, I finished it! (almost)
The boys really like it--especially their personalized book shelves. And Andrew is glad to have some of the blue back. 

Last year, I made the boys these fleece blankets that look like their flags. I still need to finish (start) Wilson Manno's blanket. 

Under Andrew's loft bed.

Map banner made by Gramma.

 Maps of their birth countries.

The toy chest in this picture was made by my dad. We used it when we were kids. It has had several transformations and is sturdy enough to last through several more.

This lamp has been on one of my pinterest boards for over a year. 

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