Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hoarders for Haiti

I've started a new facebook page:

Jill and I will be listing gently-used, brand name clothing and other items for sale. These can be picked up locally or shipped directly to you. 
We will also be having garage sales on April 28th and May 19th. Jill's garage is already FULL but we are still accepting donations.  We have sorted no less than 50 bags of clothing and aren't done yet. Ellie will be selling her world-famous lemonade at the sale on May 19th. She is planning to fully fund the adoption with her the money she makes and then use any extra to help a charity. That little girl has a heart of pure gold. 

Please click on the picture above and 'like' the facebook page. I promise to reward you with more pictures of Manno. Who could resist that sweet little face? I know I couldn't. :)

And if you're 1/2 as smitten with him as I am, would you mind sharing the page after you like it? 


1 comment:

  1. Love the title and I'll have to check out the fb page when I get home. Btw, I'm going to Haiti in July! Well, hopefully. If I can raise the moolah. I'm nervous, but excited!