Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lego Party!

Today was Andrew's 5th birthday party and these guys showed up to help him celebrate.

The place settings.

One of the green dots I was painting disappeared from the table this morning. I'm pretty sure Daniel had something (all) to do with it so he got this bag.  

The lego heads were filled with lego candy.

Each boy got a 3in1 car to build. They each built the style they liked.

Then they raced them down this ramp.

After the races were over, we had lunch: pizza, carrots with dip, crackers and lemonade.
Daniel loves lemonade the way most people love ice cream.

They each got a lego city book in their treat bag.

Time for cupcakes!

We all sang Happy Birthday to him. Daniel's favorite part was singing, 'cha cha cha' after each line.

Noah. We love this kid.

Daniel ate his cupcake with his whole face. Can you see the sprinkle on his eyelid?

A Kung Fu Panda card with hidden pictures. 

I see a lot of Lego building in my future. The problem is that Andrew is going to want to play with them too.

Presto dots!

He loooves Skittles!

Daniel was crying because he didn't have any presents to open and then went over and sat on the sofa. Andrew very kindly offered for him to help open this big present so he wouldn't be sad. It was very sweet.

He loves it!

We all had a great time. And now, Mommy needs a nap.


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! So glad we got to celebrate today with you!

  2. It was a great party! Noah had a blast!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Andrew!!!! This was Logan's favorite blog post :) He read it to me and loved the pictures! Great party!!!

  4. What type of paint did you use on the baby food jars? Was it special food safe paint? I want to do this for my son and I have already been saving the jars and its not until August! Lol. Thanks for any tips...