Friday, November 13, 2009

Party time!

Not only did we get to go to Tate's birthday party today, after school, but we took the Cash crew with us! We had such a fun time. The kids all got along great (other than one incident between Andrew, Ellie and a slice of deep dish pizza) and we even got to see a magic show!

Tate had a magician named, Gary the Amazing, perform at his party. The kids loved the show!

Andrew watched and applauded as if he actually knew what was going on:

Harper assisted with a card trick. Turns out she was sitting on the card the whole time!

Peter had a little surgery done on his arm. Ellie was so cute....when Peter came back to sit next to her, she asked him (in all sincerity), "Did it hurt, Daddy?"

Kelly and Kemry:

Ellie the Magnificent:

Tate was a little nervous about the levitation so Kolton went first:

Levitating Tate:

Jill even got in on the action:

Karaline was his assistant for the hand trick....kind of gross for a kid's party, Gary.

Then there was cake....lots and lots of cake:

After Tate's friends left, we all stayed and had deep dish pizza.

After the party, Kelly, John and the kids came back to our house to spend the night. We had SUCH a fun time with them.

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  1. That was an AWESOME party!!!! We are so thankful Jill invited us! Kolton hasn't stopped talking about Tate (he calls him "pajama like mine boy" because he has PJs like he was wearing at the party), Karaline hasn't stopped talking about Ellie, and Karson hasn't stopped talking about the "fun room". :) I haven't stopped DREAMING of the craft room. Ahhhhh.....that is pure nirvana for me. Thank you so much, Ruthanne, for having us the evening!